Do I Need to Flush the Brake Fluid on my BMW?

Best BMW Brake Service

Have you noticed that your brake pedal feels squishy? Does your BMW require a longer distance to stop lately? Is your brake fluid dark, or does it have particles and debris floating in it? Do you hear a studdering or knocking noise when you apply pressure to the brake pedal? These are all signs of a potential problem with your BMW braking system. Contact Southwest Autowerks immediately to schedule a maintenance appointment.

If you notice any of these symptoms above on a BMW, get your car to our shop immediately. Have your braking problem diagnosed and repaired right away, before things get worse and you are totally unable to stop. If your fluid has deteriorated and needs replacing, then a flush is an appropriate step toward restoring the effectiveness of your brakes. We believe in, and we use full synthetic, German-made fluids in our shop.

Check your owner’s manual or service booklet for the manufacturer’s suggestions on when and how to service your brakes. If there’s no recommendation for flushing your brakes, it’s still a good idea, even if you have followed the recommended service intervals and the fluid looks
clear or translucent.  Moisture can enter the brake lines causing rust and it will eventually lead to worn parts and expensive repairs.