BMW Brake Repair Services

To keep your vehicle’s braking system in optimal condition, you should replace brake pads on a regular basis. Keeping your brake pads in good condition helps prevent costly break rotor repairs.

Brake pads sit between the calipers and the rotors. When you push on the brake pedal, the calipers on the pistons engage, squeezing the rotor. This results in a lot of friction, which the pads absorb. The pads preserve the effectiveness of your braking system, but they do tend to wear out over time.

Depending on your driving habits, the lifespan of brake pads is typically three to six years. If you notice longer stopping times, squeaking, or shaking as you stop, you should get your brakes inspected.

You should reference your owner’s manual to see what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends when it comes to changing the brake pads. With most vehicles, brake pads will need to be changed every 50,000 miles.

There are some vehicles that may need to have them changed every 25,000 miles and some every 70,000 miles. If you hear a squeaking noise when you brake or shaky braking, then bring your vehicle to Southwest Autowerks for a brake system inspection.